KaraGani is a family wine courtyard with a national character which cultivates grapes and produces wine.

Our vineyards are located in the most southern part of the Republic of Moldova, the city of Vulcanesti.

Favorable microclimate, modern technologies, observance of the best traditions of our region, the experience accumulated over the centuries and transferred from generation to generation, allows producing high-quality wines.


Take time to participate in the collection of grapes and its processing, to penetrate into the holy of holies of the courtyard – the wine cellars built by our hands, finally, to get a bottle of heady drink directly in the “place of birth”.

Get acquainted with the Gagauz culture, taste dishes of national cuisine, visit the mini-museum in which we collect things that tell us about the life and traditions of the Gagauz people.

Part of our soul, invested in the cultivation of grapes, and then in the production of wine, gives a unique taste and good mood.